Good Newsletter | June 2017

Holy Trinity Youth at National Cathedral, Washington, DC, April 28-30, 2017

Nine Holy Trinity youth and 4 adults traveled to Washington, DC in April to learn about and work with the homeless, tour the city and attend Sunday service at the National Cathedral. From our arrival on Friday evening until we left Sunday afternoon, our days were filled.  Highlights:  Listening to a speaker from the National Coalition for the Homeless who talked to us about homelessness and shared her story; handing out bags of necessities to the homeless during the Outreach Run and during the services at the National Cathedral, some of the youth were asked to bring the elements to the altar.

When asked some questions about the trip, the youth replied……..

The most memorable thing that happened on our trip to DC was: Seeing the White House, riding bikes, handing the bags out to the homeless and seeing smiles come to their faces, visiting the Capital building -it was a lot larger than I expected, listening to Ms. Karen (our Homeless Coalition volunteer) speak about her story, learning how the homeless had their own community and helping the homeless.

The most memorable part of the Outreach Run was: Seeing the homeless people’s faces grow smiles as we handed the bags out, talking to the homeless, seeing all the homeless people sleeping on the ground, realizing the homeless people seemed to enjoy talking to the group.

 If I could do this again, I would: Bring a credit card for the bike, give much more thought about what the homeless life was like and it makes me want to help more, and have a nap time.


 No Noon Holy Eucharist on Wednesday, June 7.

 Newcomers: The Newcomer Committee will host a Newcomer Gathering on Sunday, June 11, 2017 from 5 to 7pm at the church.  Childcare will be provided.  If you are new to Holy Trinity, please consider joining us for an evening of food and fellowship. Dinner will be served. Please contact the church office with your contact info,   Amy St. Peter

 Wonderful Wednesday: The Cape Fear River cruise is scheduled for 1PM Wednesday June 21. After the noon Holy Eucharist, we will car pool to Campbellton Landing parking lot just across the Person Street Bridge on the right. We may bring our lunch on board. There are still seats available and the cost is $25.00 per person to be given to Jane Squires or the church office by June 14th.  Please make the checks payable to Holy Trinity.  The cruise will be held rain or shine and is 2 hours in length.  Looking forward to a great afternoon! Please call Jane Squires for more information at 910-433-2885 or Joyce Lipe at 910-485-3443.   Joyce Lipe, Jane Squires

 Labyrinth Walk – July 6 at 7:00 pm.  The July evening labyrinth walk will take place on Thursday, July 6, between 7 and 9 pm.  Please come promptly at 7 pm if you wish to view the optional orientation video; otherwise, please arrive no later than 8:15 pm if you just want to walk it.  Candles and soft music accompany the walk.  Tara Bartal


 REQUESTING MAYFAIR FUNDS FOR OUTREACH:  On May 7, 2017, and the weeks leading up to that day, faithful people gathered to prepare for Holy Trinity’s annual Mayfair.  For those who may be newer to our community, or for those who may not know, Mayfair is a HUGE event.  Mayfair is a yard sale organized by Holy Trinity parishioners, made possible by donations from parishioners and others in our community and the tireless work of those who sort, price, organize, clean, pick up, and donate goods.  EVERY PENNY raised through Mayfair is granted to established Outreach programs within Holy Trinity and in the greater Fayetteville Community.  These funds are entrusted to individuals and groups who have experience, knowledge, and skills to help those in need in our community.  And most of the organizations/ministries who have requested funds in the past have active participants who are also Holy Trinity parishioners.  Please consider helping any way you can with Mayfair 2018.

 We are now accepting grant applications for Mayfair funds, and the application deadline is August 1, 2017.  Please submit an online request for Mayfair funds by following these steps:  1) Visit 2) Choose the “Outreach” tab 3) Choose “Donations” 4) Complete the online form and check the box by “Mayfair.”  We invite your request.  Julie Lee-Jacobs

 Reminder:  If you purchased pictures from Life Touch Directory, you are entitled to a free picture directory.  Contact the office if you didn’t pick yours up earlier this year.

 Plastic Bags: We are overwhelmed with plastic bags.  Thank you to everyone for dropping off so many plastic sacks to be made into crocheted sleeping mats for the homeless.  No need to bring more for a while.  Thank you.  Sharon and Karen Robertson

 We send our deepest thanks to Angela Francis for arranging the incredibly beautiful flower arrangements at the Bishop’s Reception.

 Reports and Updates

May 2017 Vestry Highlights

 The vestry met Thursday, May 18.  The meeting opened with prayer led by Tom Holt and was called to order by the Rector.

Reports were received from the Rector, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and vestry liaisons. Initial reports regarding Mayfair were received, and it appears that, despite the timing of where it fell on the church calendar and poor weather, Mayfair was a significant success, with over $9,000.00 raised for Outreach.  The vestry is mindful of all the work put in to this year’s Mayfair, and especially thank all the donors, the committee, and the “worker bees” during the days preceding the event itself and on that Saturday.  Applications for Outreach grants are due before August 1, and the Outreach Committee is looking forward to seeing how Mayfair funds will be used outside our parish.

 We continue to spend on repairs to the buildings’ heating and air conditioning units.  This will continue for the foreseeable future, as the age of all our HVAC units is such that we will soon be replacing and/or upgrading most of them.  Painting of the Parish Hall has been completed, and well done.

 The Vestry continues to discern how Holy Trinity is called to worship and how it serves our community, our deanery, our diocese and the world.  We pray for guidance as we continue to live into what it really means to be “the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.”   We remain excited to see how our future unfolds.  The meeting concluded with Compline. The next vestry meeting will be June 15.   Tom Holt


Holy Trinity expanded its Margaret Willis Elementary School (MWES) and May Fair outreach by offering shopping vouchers to 5 MWES families. These families, selected by the school social worker, received a voucher worth up to $50 in May Fair goods. Families were excited to ‘purchase’ small kitchen appliances, bed linens, children’s items and clothing. We hope to make this an annual part of our MWES partnership and May Fair outreach.  Barbara Brooks

 News from the Food Pantry

March and April

 In March 2017, the Holy Trinity Food Pantry operated for a total of 18 days.  We served 32 new families and 115 returning families, totaling 147 households and 371 individuals.  In April, the food pantry was closed for a week after Easter when the office was closed.  We were open for 12 days in April and still served a total of 97 families (16 new) a total of 211 individuals.

 Pat Stang attended the training given by Second Harvest Food Bank for the churches and community groups that use their facilities.  Second Harvest prefers that food be ordered on-line and then picked up when the order is ready.  We can make purchases for as low as 19 cents a pound which is quite a savings.  Unlike some other agencies, they are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  We would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and are looking for some strong people with access to trucks who are available to help with picking up the food items.

John and Matthew Whiteman will be home from college in July and will give the regular food pantry packers a break by packing bags that month.  We so appreciate their help.  We’re looking for volunteers to pack bags on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the 4th week of the month.

 Finally, in May, the Holy Trinity Food Pantry donated food items during the US Postal Service Food Drive.

 Any information or questions about the Food Pantry can be shared with Sharon Robertson at 483-1372, Pat Stang at 425-6132, or with Janice Luce, Parish Administrator.  Thank you, Pat Stang, Toy Brown, Karen Robertson and Sharon Robertson

June Greetings from the Preschool!

Another preschool year has come and gone and we are into summer fun.  We still have some summer openings – week of June 12-15, July 10-13, July 24-27 and July 31 – August 3. Mondays through Thursdays, 9 till 1.  Cost is $100 per 4-day week.

We also still have a few openings for fall preschool. Call the school office for more information – (910)484-0250.  Happy Summer!!   Ruth Gillis


JUNE BIRTHDAYS:   1 Sylvia Ray, Stephen Middleton, Elwyn Simpson 2 Sara Lowinger, John Blackburn, Jarrett Redman 3 Cheryl Spears 5 Nathan Byrne, Sarah Franks 6 Howard Loughlin, Becca Lee, Greer Goodwin  7 Don McFadyen, Mary Lynn Jordan, Christian Jones 8 Margaret Peterson, Joely Davis, Chiagozie Udoh 9 Alexa Haar, Suzanne Pinson  11 Debby Sims, 12 Anne Mizelle 13 Louis Feraca 14 Shoshana Annas, Avery Watts 15 Molly Ellen Beene, Anthony Bishop, Sarah Franks 17 Trey Whitworth, Edward deBros, Michael McCaffrey 18 Bill Barnwell, Leonnie Chisolm, Judy Philbrook, Ezemdi Udoh, Alyssa Stoffer 19 Grant Childs 20 Richard Hall, Abby Witty, Lindsay Hudgens 21 Kenniston Carpenter 22 Inez Elliott, Rob Russell, Anna Simpson 23 Christian Davis, Patrick Mitchell 24 Joseph Edwards, Jr., Sam Nelson, Thomas deBros 25 Greg Francis 26 Pam Smith, Davis Childs   28 Stewart Harsant, Clara MacMillian 30 Addison Watts, Veronica Lloyd

Note about birthdays: Our database was migrated to the “cloud” and only birthdays with the year you were born converted.  If you don’t see your name in the birthday list, please call the office and give us the year you were born.  Thank you, Janice 


Ernie Abrahamsen, Jenny Abrahamsen, Lori Abrahamsen, Frank Allison, III, John Ashford, Askins Family, Renate Blanton, Liza Bonanno, Kathy Broughton, Mike Brown, Bruns Family, Burkett Family, Cavano Family, Clark Family, Victor Coggins, Deb Fleming, Gabel Family, Ming Gardner*, Ron and Pam Gladney, Al Hardee, Scott Hardee, Jeff Haynes, Justin Hickman, Hollinshed Family, Patrick Hooper, Bridget Irwin, James, Larry Jensen, Louisa Karp, Matthew Kirec, Susanne Kohrman*, Susan Krause, Suzanne LaGrange, John Lancaster, Jr., Janice McFadyen, Shawn Marshall, Jeanette Martinez, Shenlie Mink, Anne Mizelle*, Morketter Family, Packer family, Marie Parker*, Bill Perkins, Margaret Peterson*, Wilbur Philbrook, Tim Plemmons, Pam Powell,  Diane Rauch, Morton Rivkind, Bud Roland, Terry Sheehan, Debby Sims, Hilda Stamey, Dixie Stanton, Curt Strickland, Mary and Harold Syms*, Jimmy Teachey, Michael Thaman, Justin Thompson, Angela Tyndell, Chet Wooster and Zinn Family.* Denotes Visitation Welcomed.

 Military Prayer List

Leroy, John, Cedric, Daven, Scott, Daniel, Mike, Jon, Stephanie, Sam, Trey, Ed, Amanda, Robert, Augustus, Roger, Brian, Oliver, Thomas, Nicholas, Alex, Matthew, Mitch, Abigail, Patrick, Geoff, Mark, Eric, Andrew, Nick, Shayla, John, James, and all their families.

Contact the church office at 910-484-2134 or with prayer requests or fill out a prayer request form found in the Narthex.


Vacation Bible School – June 19-23 from 9am-noon at Holy Trinity.  Holy Trinity joins St. Johns to enjoy an upbeat and sensory exploration through the Creation.  Explore God’s love through the Bright and Beautiful world!

Forms available in the Parish Hall and online.

Questions:  Contact Annie Thornberg at


“A life changing experience”  “We realized how blessed we are.”

Holy Trinity Youth and Adults with Ms. Karen

We would like to thank you, the parishioners, for your support of the youth group. As you can see, this was a very meaningful trip – we grew in our community and learned from our experiences.   The Youth


Staff and Clergy

The Rev. Jeffrey D. S. Thornberg, Rector

The Rev. Anne C. S. Thornberg, Assisting Priest for Children’s Education and Pastoral Care

The Rev. Joe Running, Assisting Priest

Beth Jordan, Music Minister and Organist

Tara Bartal and Jeremy Fiebig, Vergers

Janice Luce, Parish Administrator

Jewely Schroeder, Financial Administrator

Ruth Folger Gillis, Preschool Director

Melissa Hickman, Nursery Coordinator

 VESTRY:  Senior Warden: Tom Holt, Junior Warden: Keith St. Peter, Treasurer: Neil Bergman, Clerk: Wendy Hustwit

2017:  Tom Holt, Fitz Lee, Keith St. Peter, Dane Reid

2018:  Scott Hancox, Wendy Hustwit, Julie Lee-Jacobs, Mike Morketter

2019:  Amy Beene, Jimmy Driscoll, George Harrison, Elaine McKay

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