Good Newsletter | July 2017

Holy Trinity Youth and Adults Volunteer in Central Appalachia

Love in Action

Appalachia Service Project is a Christian ministry that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair in Central Appalachia. Each year, they choose a different Bible verse to serve as their motto.  This year it is 1 John 3:18 – Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. The 2017 motto is “Love in Action.”

Holy Trinity partnered with Highland Presbyterian to form 6 teams (2 adults, 5 youth plus a floater) for a total of 43 volunteers to work June 11-17, 2017 in Johnson County TN. Our weekdays consisted of awakening to blaring loud music at 7:30 am, meeting outside for morning devotions at 7:45 and then having breakfast at 8 am. Chores were distributed among the teams, some had breakfast dishes or clean-up to do, others got to clean the bathrooms!  We made our lunches, collected our materials for the day and traveled to our work site. We began our work day with prayer with our families, then began our tasks, took frequent water breaks, had lunch and left between 3:30 and 5 pm.  Dinner was at 6:30, followed by chores, and Evening Gathering.  This was followed by free time, and lights out at 11 pm.

The Bluth’s Frozen Bananas crew (Keith St. Peter, myself and 5 youth) was assigned to work on a house that needed a new kitchen and bathroom floor, a room built for the granddaughter, a chimney removed and a new roof. We had high hopes to accomplish a couple of these tasks, but actually only completed the kitchen floor – We removed the old floor and found a layer of wood slats under the linoleum, then wood that went diagonally one way, then wood that went diagonally the other way. We also found that only one joist was holding up the wall. So, we had a few unexpected repairs to complete.  Pictured at right, kitchen during renovations and below, afterwards.

Other Holy Trinity youth and Champ St. Amand were on different teams doing other projects which ranged from digging a ditch to drain water away from a house, replacing a deck, and adding a wheelchair ramp.

Although one of our tasks was to work on the homes, a larger part of the experience was to establish relationships, to grow spiritually, and to learn new things about ourselves and others.  We had discussions with the youth each day and at the end of the week, and we spent time sitting on the new floor summarizing our adventure. We talked about first impressions (ours of our family, and what they thought about us), how fortunate we are, and about how grateful and happy our family is despite their circumstances!

Despite the sadness of things that our family shared with us, it was a wonderful experience. Wayne Birch, one of the adult leaders, summed it up well….

“ASP does not build character, it reveals character!”

We would like to thank Holy Trinity for their support of this mission trip. We thank all who purchased stock, bought lemon pies, made survival kits and prayed for us! Judy Philbrook


There will be Holy Eucharist on Wednesday, July 5.

 RESCHDULED:  Wonderful Wednesday Cape Fear River Cruise is rescheduled for 1pm Wednesday July 12. There are still tickets available and the cost is 25.00.  Please give your money to Jane Squires or the church office before July 10th.  Make your checks payable to Holy Trinity.  After the noon Holy Eucharist, we will car pool to Campbellton Landing parking lot just across the Person Street Bridge on the right. We may bring our lunch on board.  Join us for a view of history and experience a little bit of long ago! Please call Jane Squires for more information at 910-433-2885 or Joyce Lipe at 910-485-3443.   Joyce Lipe, Jane Squires

Did you know:  The Cape Fear River was vital to the early communities that formed Fayetteville.  Steam ships carried products up and down the river to Wilmington.

 Labyrinth Walk – July 6 at 7:00 pm.  The July evening labyrinth walk will take place on Thursday, July 6, between 7 and 9 pm.  Please come promptly at 7 pm if you wish to view the optional orientation video; otherwise, please arrive no later than 8:15 pm if you just want to walk it.  Candles and soft music accompany the walk.  Tara Bartal


 Bakers Wanted:  Please plan to join us on Saturday, July 29th at 2:00pm for the fun and fellowship of baking our communion wafers.  Young people are welcome.  Contact Roya Taheri (901-964-3911: or Susan Stephany (910-824-6285: for more information.

REQUESTING MAYFAIR FUNDS FOR OUTREACH:  On May 7, 2017, and the weeks leading up to that day, faithful people gathered to prepare for Holy Trinity’s annual Mayfair.  For those who may be newer to our community, or for those who may not know, Mayfair is a HUGE event.  Mayfair is a yard sale organized by Holy Trinity parishioners, made possible by donations from parishioners and others in our community and the tireless work of those who sort, price, organize, clean, pick up, and donate goods.  EVERY PENNY raised through Mayfair is granted to established Outreach programs within Holy Trinity and in the greater Fayetteville Community.  These funds are entrusted to individuals and groups who have experience, knowledge, and skills to help those in need in our community.  And most of the organizations/ministries who have requested funds in the past have active participants who are also Holy Trinity parishioners.  Please consider helping any way you can with Mayfair 2018.

 Due to website changes, please follow these steps if you wish to submit a request for Mayfair funds for your organization.  From our website,, choose the Outreach Tab.  From the drop-down menu, choose “Make A request”.  Then select “Receive Funds for My Organization”.  Grant requests for Mayfair funds are due by August 1st.

 How to Use the Website to Make a Request

In case you didn’t already know, the church’s website has changed so now, it’s easier than ever to make a request to the church administration and vestry. Click on the ‘Contact Us” button at the top of the page to:

* Make a prayer request

* Use church equipment

* Use church facilities

* Receive a church grant

Once you click on the “Contact Us” you’ll see a menu selection for the above items. You can click on the selection, which will take you to the proper forms to submit your request. We hope this new website change will be useful for church committees and groups, as well as outside organizations. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact George Harrison, Vestry Communications Chair, at

 A bit of Holy Trinity History:  On April 8, 2017, several Holy Trinity parishioners and members of the Fayetteville Camelia Club trimmed, pruned and cleaned up Holy Trinity’s Camellia Garden.  Jack Dewar, the club’s secretary, explains how our Camellia Garden came to exist.  In 1959 the Fayetteville Camellia Club, led by Dr. W.T. Rainey, in cooperation with Holy Trinity, completed a 1957 plan by Dr. Rainey to plant a “Camellia Garden, open to the public and constructed on the grounds of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.  In it were the finest varieties of camellias, an underground sprinkler system, a fountain, and plenty of pine shade.” In 1961 the garden was named the Rainey Memorial Camellia Garden, to honor the founder and first President of the Fayetteville Camellia Club, founded in 1955.  Coincidentally, in 1957 the City of Fayetteville designated Fayetteville as the Camellia Capital of North Carolina.  NOTE:  Information from undated extract, Carolina Camellia Society Magazine (now defunct)

 Reports and Updates

June 2017 Vestry Highlights

 The vestry met Thursday, June 15.  The meeting opened with prayer led by Mike Morketter and was called to order by the Rector.  Reports were received from the Rector, Junior Warden and Vestry Liaisons.  The Treasurer reported that the parish remains within budget, but there is a need to remind Parishioners that pledge commitments need to be made in a timely manner, especially with summer months upon us.  Arrangements are being made to allow and encourage Parishioners to pay pledges electronically.

George Harrison will be working with our website to make the application process for funding and the facility use more visible and accessible.  The Rector reported that he will be in Chicago the week of June 19-23 for a class towards his degree.  There will be a Deanery event on October 15 at St. John’s for Trinity Center.  Both Bishop Skirving and Penn Perry are planning to attend.  There may also be a Deanery event for the African Shoe Ministry to be held at Trinity Church, Lumberton on or about July 22.  There will be a special Rally Sunday preparation meeting for all ministry leaders on Saturday, August 26 at 9:00 a.m.

The meeting concluded with Compline. The vestry will meet for a special mid-year planning retreat on July 22 and the next regular vestry meeting will be August 17th.    Tom Holt


The Margaret Willis/Adopt A Family committee of Holy Trinity applied for a grant from the Diocese of East Carolina. The purpose of the grant was to help satisfy unmet needs of Margaret Willis families displaced by Hurricane Matthew.  The committee asked for and was granted $7,500.00.  Our plan was for Megan Hatem, social worker at Margaret Willis, to identify 15 families who were displaced by the hurricane and flooding and needed help replacing household items lost in the storm as they are able to move back into permanent housing.  We planned to spend approximately $500 per family.  To date, 11 families have been identified and members of the committee and/or Megan Hatem have shopped with them for needed items.  There are two more families that we may shop with and any funds left over after that will be used to offer additional help to some of the 11 families that might need more assistance.  We will report to the committee of the Diocese on the results of our grant spending.  Bette Scott

 News from the Food Pantry

In the month of May we served 25 new households at the Holy Trinity Food Pantry, a total of 61 new individuals. The total number of households served was 131, a total of 210 people served.  About 40% of the individuals are senior adults that are finding it hard to make ends meet.

The Food Pantry is looking for additional packers to make up the food bags.   If you have one weekday morning you can volunteer it would be a great help.  If packing bags isn’t your “thing”, you could shop or help distribute food.  We also need a person (s) to double the plastic bags we put the food items in.  This is an activity you can do at home in front of the TV with a drink.

Reminder: The first Sunday of every month is In-gathering Sunday.  Thank you in advance for your donated food items.   We can always use those little hotel freebies.   Food bag packers, please remember that we have a short summer vacation thanks to John and Matthew Whiteman.

Any information or questions about the Food Pantry can be shared with Sharon Robertson at 483-1372, Pat Stang at 425-6132, or with Janice Luce, Parish Administrator.  Thank you, Pat Stang, Toy Brown, Karen Robertson and Sharon Robertson


July Greetings from the Preschool!

Summer is in full swing and so is the Preschool Summer School.  We still have some summer openings – the week of July 10-13, July 24-27 and July 31 – August 3. Mondays through Thursdays, 9 till 1.  Cost is $100 per 4-day week.  We also still have a few openings for fall preschool. Call the school office for more information – (910)484-0250.  Happy Summer!!   Ruth Gillis


Wonderful Wednesday, May Gathering

If you were not at the Wonderful Wednesday on May 17th, you missed a very interesting event!   Three ladies from the Fayetteville Crime Prevention and Fraud Unit spoke to our group about how to prevent crime.  They gave us an update on recent scams and how to protect ourselves and property.   Hint:  if you get a telephone call asking, “Can you hear me?”  Do not answer, just hang up.  The caller may be recording your “Yes” to confirm your agreement to order something.  Also if someone comes to your door to let you know he has noticed something wrong outside your house, do not follow him outside without securing your house first as he may have a partner waiting to enter your home while you are inspecting the “problem”.  Hope to see you on July 12thSharon Robertson

 JULY BIRTHDAYS:  1 Maureen Running 2 David Samuelson, Max Adams  6 June Lancaster, Mary N. Mercer, Pat Spears  7 Carly Chang 11 Maureen Middleton, Carol Dosher 12 Donna Morse 14 Richard Bull 15 Kasmin Davis, Jacob Salzberg, Clara Schwamm 16 Grace Salzberg, Karen Goble 17 Alison Van Nyhuis 18 Zane Jordan  20 R.G. Heckerman 21 Alexandra Carter 22 Roddy Davis 23 Patrick Grimes, Jacob Nadalini 24 Pam Harsant, Kathy Thaman 26 Susanne Kohrman, Chayla Scott, Caroline deBros, Ilse Burgdorf  27 Stephanie Holliday, Amy Lynne Todd  28 Amy Davis, Sheryl Jordan, Carol G. Oates, Norman Snellgroves, Camdyn Holliday 29 Scott Hancox, Isaac Anderson, Nathan Clark 30 Carlon Mercer 31 Mackenzie Davis, Virginia Franks, Ian Jones, Jenavieve Blackburn, Gayle Franks Mimi Spears

Note about birthdays: Our database was migrated to the “cloud” and only birthdays with the year you were born converted.  If you don’t see your name in the birthday list, please call the office and give us the year you were born.  Thank you, Janice


Jenny Abrahamsen, Lori Abrahamsen, Frank Allison, III, John Ashford, Liza Bonanno, Mike Brown, Burkett Family, Clark Family, Karen Estep, Ming Gardner*, Ron and Pam Gladney, Charles Grantham Family, Jeff Haynes, James, Jeanette, Larry Jensen, Louisa Karp, Matthew Kirec, Susanne Kohrman*, Suzanne LaGrange, John Lancaster, Jr., Shenlie and Cindy Mink, Anne Mizelle*, Morketter Family, Julia Ann Odom, Packer family, Marie Parker*, Bill Perkins, Margaret Peterson*, Wilbur Philbrook, Diane Rauch, Morton Rivkind, Bud Roland, Terry Sheehan, Debby Sims, David Smith, Sova Family, Dixie Stanton, Mary and Harold Syms*, Jimmy Teachey, Michael Thaman, Justin Thompson, Tom, and Angela Tyndell.

* Denotes Visitation Welcomed.

Military Prayer List

Leroy, John, Cedric, Daven, Scott, Daniel, Mike, Jon, Stephanie, Sam, Trey, Ed, Amanda, Robert, Augustus, Roger, Brian, Oliver, Thomas, Nicholas, Alex, Matthew, Mitch, Abigail, Patrick, Geoff, Mark, Eric, Andrew, Nick, Shayla, John, James, and all their families.

Contact the church office at 910-484-2134 or with prayer requests or fill out a prayer request form found in the narthex.


Saturday, August 26, Ministry Workshop, 9-noon, Parish Hall

Saturday, August 26, Family Pool Party @ Nancy Broadwell’s, afternoon

Sunday, August 27, Blessing of the Back Packs, 10:30am service

Wednesday, August 30, Handbells and Adult Choir Rehearsals begin

Sunday, September 10, RALLY SUNDAY


End of the year youth pool party at Philbrook’s home.


Staff and Clergy

The Rev. Jeffrey D. S. Thornberg, Rector

The Rev. Anne C. S. Thornberg, Assisting Priest for Children’s Education and Pastoral Care

The Rev. Joe Running, Assisting Priest

Beth Jordan, Music Minister and Organist

Tara Bartal and Jeremy Fiebig, Vergers

Janice Luce, Parish Administrator

Jewely Schroeder, Financial Administrator

Ruth Folger Gillis, Preschool Director

Melissa Hickman, Nursery Coordinator

 VESTRY:  Senior Warden: Tom Holt, Junior Warden: Keith St. Peter, Treasurer: Neil Bergman, Clerk: Wendy Hustwit

2017:  Tom Holt, Fitz Lee, Keith St. Peter, Dane Reid

2018:  Scott Hancox, Wendy Hustwit, Julie Lee-Jacobs, Mike Morketter

2019:  Amy Beene, Jimmy Driscoll, George Harrison, Elaine McKay

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Office: 910-484-2134          Preschool: 910-484-0250

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