Good Newsletter | May 2018

What Mother/Daughter Acolyting Means to Me

by Laura Harsant Reeves

My family began attending Holy Trinity in 1994, but my husband Danny, my daughter Carly and I have been regularly attending Holy Trinity as a family for the past couple years, after a sabbatical of college/early married life/etc. Danny and I have always wanted Carly to be raised with a strong faith in God, and to be part of a community of fellow believers. I am so glad to be home.  Holy Trinity certainly feels like home.

I was an acolyte in middle and high school, but it had been 16+ years since I put on a red robe. When I read the announcement that acolytes were needed, I volunteered, not even knowing if adults were supposed to acolyte, let alone a kid in kindergarten. And when I saw Harper Hoffman, who is only a year older than Carly, serving as an acolyte, I asked Jeff if it was okay for Carly to participate too. Jeff said yes and welcomed us as new acolytes. Thank you to Tara, Jeremy, Jackson and others who have been patient with my questions along the way, and for welcoming Carly and me.

We have really enjoyed serving in our role as mother/daughter acolytes at least once a month since then, for the past couple years. It is nice for me to have a “duty” at church.  It also gives Carly a sense of ownership and duty to the church. She feels special that she gets to carry the gospel and hold it for the priest to read. Mary Mac even hemmed a gown just for Carly since all the gowns were too long for her!

One of my favorite quotes is: “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.”  ~Rajneesh

I think every parent can relate to this. When Carly was born, I literally felt like the Grinch in the scene where his heart grows 3 times its size. I didn’t know I could love anyone so much.  That is how I believe God feels about each and every one of us. How great is our God!

I encourage any parents and children to participate as acolytes together. It is a bonding experience to go through the holy rituals in service together.

Contact vergers Tara Bartal ( or Jeremy Fiebig ( if you and your child(ren) are interested in acolyting. Or you can reach out to me as well at


 United Thank Offering (UTO) ingathering will be held on Sunday May 6th.  Through UTO, we are all invited to embrace and deepen our personal daily spiritual discipline of gratitude.  This is especially true during this time of Easter as we rejoice in the Resurrection!  Remembering to be thankful, we are encouraged to notice the good things that happen each day, the beauty in our world, and to find joy in our everyday living.  Through our thankfulness to God, we make an offering for these blessings using our UTO Blue Box!  The boxes can be found on the Parish Hall Activity Table, on the tables in the Narthex and our classroom area.  100% of our offerings, no matter how large or small, are then distributed to support innovative mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church and Provinces of the Anglican Communion.  Martha Clark

 Voting Location, Primary Election Day, Tuesday, May 8th.  The Parish Hall will be used for the May primary elections all day, May 8th.

Reminder:  Beach Weekend final payments are due Sunday, May 13th.

Wonderful Wednesday –  The next meeting of the Wonderful Wednesday Group will be on May 16, 2018, after the Wednesday Eucharist. Please bring a lunch. After lunch in the Parish Hall, we’ll go visit Fayetteville’s Transportation Museum.  I am looking forward to seeing you then. Dudley; Phone: 910-339-0982 (Home) 910-364-3774 (cell).

 The Mod Squad:  Join The Mod Squad (a group for seasoned women) for an evening of wine, dinner, and great conversation at Carrabbas on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30pm. It will be a 4-course dinner with a different wine paired with each course. The chef will give an explanation of each pairing. Bring a spouse, partner, or friend; or come solo! You must make your own reservations by calling Carrabbas directly at 486-9300 or by using this link: The cost is $40 per person.  For more information, contact Sarah Moorman (910-977-1376) or Amy Beene (910-709-4773.

Women’s Connection:  Two more meetings this year – May 9th and 23rd.  Women’s Connection is a place for moms of every kind to gather, share their lives, and grow in faith. We will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 4pm to 5:30pm @ Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in the Parish Hall and First Fridays at 7pm @ LeClair’s General Store.   While the nature of the group lends itself to mothers of small children, we hope that wherever you are on your journey through motherhood, you will consider joining us. We are all enriched by the stories and experiences of one another, especially ones who have gone before. Please contact The Rev. Anne Thornberg at

Labyrinth Walk in June.  The next walk will be on Thursday, June 7th at 7pm.  Mark your calendars.    Tara Bartal

 SUMMER FEST – Family fun, 3 Sunday evenings this summer.  Join us from 4-6pm on June 24th, July 29th and August 19th.  $10.00 per family, per time.  Contact The Rev. Anne Thornberg for more information.


 May Fair 2018 Committee thanks EVERYONE for making this May Fair a huge success.  To everyone who brought items, shopped, told their friends, sorted items, manned a booth, baked, and cleaned up.  Thank you.

 Thinking Ahead:  The office is planning for the 3 weeks in June that Janice will be on vacation.  Weekly, Janice updates the prayer list and includes the most recent list in the Sunday bulletins.  In her absence, the prayer list will not be included in the Sunday bulletin, but each Sunday copies of a current prayer list will be placed on a table in the narthex for parishioners to take with them.  This procedure will begin on Sunday May 27 continuing through Sunday June 24th.  Thank you.

 Altar Flowers: Each week, members of the Altar Guild Flower committee arrange flowers to beautify our sanctuary and help make our worship space special.  These flowers remain in place throughout the week.  Parishioners can sponsor a week for a cost of $40 and it is noted in the bulletin.  Flowers are given “to the glory of God”, but you can indicate if they are given in memory, honor or celebration of someone.  Please put your check payable to Holy Trinity with “Altar Flowers” in the memo in the offering plate or mail to the church office.  Your support of this creative ministry is greatly appreciated!

 Rector’s Office Hours:   Join our Rector for office hours! These are opportunities each week for individuals to meet with Jeff about whatever they may choose (without making an appointment).  Office hours are every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00pm to 5:30pm and every Thursday morning from 8:00am to 9:30am at Leclair’s General Store (1212 Fort Bragg Rd).  Please come join him for coffee and conversation!

 Giving Envelopes:  It’s never too late to request Giving Envelopes.  Just let Janice know if you want them.  Contact:  910-484-2134 or

Announcements:  Do you have an announcement you’d like Jeff to make during the service or to have published in the weekly announcements?  Just complete the Announcement Request Form found on the table in the Parish Hall and hand it to a member of the vestry or put it in the drop box outside the church office.

Did You Know…there is one member of our congregation who was in on the beginning of our church and is still an active communicant? Carol Oates was a young teen when her parents, David and Virginia Oates, hosted a June 1951 meeting of fellow Episcopalians at their home on Olive Street in Haymount. Those attending voted to petition the Bishop of East Carolina for permission to establish a new Episcopal Church in Fayetteville. The next month the Bishop approved the petition signed by 30 people and Holy Trinity was born.  David Oates became our first Junior Warden and later chaired the Building Committee. Both he and Virginia continued as active leaders of our congregation for many years.

Reports and Updates

May Vestry Highlights

As we move through Easter season, your vestry is full of gratitude for the ways Holy Trinity parishioners create and sustain life in our parish.  Our parish is fortunate in our relationships with one another and in our opportunities for worship and service.  We are gifted with clergy and teachers who support our spiritual life and formation, and we are rich in our compassion for one another and our neighbors.  Vestry remains aware that the business of the church must be managed with discipline and creativity so that we sustain the gifts that each of you bring and share. Our vestry’s goal is to be mindful of the history and tradition of Holy Trinity while also thinking creatively about progressing the stewardship of our resources.

Vestry continues to prioritize long term visioning at each monthly meeting, looking ahead to assure that our ministries, decisions, and resources are growing us in the direction of our mission and goals.  Toward this end, we are considering diocesan and non-diocesan resources to assist in guiding our long-term visioning process.  Most importantly, we will be asking to hear from you.  Your hopes, priorities, and dreams for Holy Trinity will become our “data” in this process.

Please know that other ministry groups at Holy Trinity are seeking diocesan and community consultation, including your stewardship team and parishioners working on disaster preparation and building security.  We believe this collaborative model helps us think creatively and broadly and helps us build meaningful connections with the community and diocese.  Other recent matters considered by vestry include monthly review of financials, grounds maintenance needs in the spring/summer, and improving communications with parishioners across the lifespan.  Just to name a few.

We will continue to offer these vestry highlights throughout the year, and we are grateful to be among the disciples and servants at Holy Trinity. Julie Lee-Jacobs, Senior Warden

News from the Food Pantry

 The food pantry thanks St. Johns for their generous donation to help support our food pantry.

January – March Food Pantry Statistics

Total households receiving food for the first time: 66

Total households served:  396

Total number of individuals receiving food for the first time: 151

Total number of individuals served:  790

Interesting fact:  We distributed food on 50 days during the months of January-March

We appreciate everything that everyone does to support our Food Pantry, either by volunteering or donating canned goods or money.  Thank you.    Food Pantry Organizers

Holy Trinity Preschool News

Register now for summer fun at Holy Trinity Preschool


 Who: Children who have completed a 2-, 3-, or 4-year-old preschool class.

What: Summer fun with preschool staff 4 days per week for up to 8 weeks of summer fun, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Bring a lunch.)

Register: In the preschool office.

Cost:   $100 per week, payable at registration. (One-half weekly fee refundable with cancellation 2 weeks before date of week cancelled.)

Dates: June 4-7, June 11-14, June 18-21, June 25-28, July 9-12, July 16-19, July 23-26, July 30-Aug. 2

We need a minimum of 8 children to offer a week. Which weeks will be offered will be decided by May 15th.

 PRESCHOOL:  Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is ongoing in the school office.  There are still openings for 2s, 3s and 4/5s in the preschool.  Call Ruth Gillis in the preschool office for more information about summer and regular school registration. (910) 484-0250   Ruth Gillis, Preschool Director

MAY BIRTHDAYS   2. Phil Smith, Robert Coombs, Samantha Langbis 3. Gauge Francis 5. Bette Scott, Emily Rister 6. Harriett Thornberg 7. Brenda Nunnally, Lawrence Feraca 10. Beth Helsinger, Emily Towles 11. Keith St. Peter 12. Zoe St. Peter, Carly Reeves, Matt Mullins 13. Roger Watts, Libby Lee, Zack Thurnher 14. Brian Hoffman, Matthew Davis, Terry Lowinger, Elizabeth Scott 15. Winston Hoffman 16. Barbara Heine, Ray Vallery 17. Ryan Connor, John Whiteman, 20. Amy Beene, Elizabeth (Ann) Phillip, Stephen Rumper 21. Lorette Hollinshed 22. Stacey Alecca, Cai Davis, Ron Quick, Margaret Larson, June Milby, Maggie Stahmer 23. Martha Booth 24. Robert Grantham 25. Julie Lee-Jacobs 26. Kasey Quick 27. Spencer Harris, Charles Moorman 28. Cody Lutes, Jake Jacobs, Rosemary McLean 29. Reed Swinford, Lyn Whitehead, Frank deBros, Claire Bartlett 30. Daniel Robert, James Simpson 31. Larry Scott, Carol Middleton, Jack Boissonneau, Faith Stoffer

JUNE BIRTHDAYS  1 Sylvia Ray, Stephen Middleton, James Maxwell, Elwyn Simpson 2 Sara Lowinger, John Blackburn, Jarrett Redman 3 Cheryl Spears 6 Howard Loughlin, Becca Lee, 7 Don McFadyen, Mary Lynn Jordan, Christian Jones 8 Margaret Peterson, Chiagozie Udoh 9 Suzanne Pinson 12 Anne Mizelle 13 Louis Feraca 14 Shoshana Annas, Avery Watts, John Towles 15 Molly Ellen Beene, Anthony Bishop, Sarah Franks, Heather Armstrong, Eleane Beadle 17 Trey Whitworth, Edward deBros, Michael McCaffrey 18 Bill Barnwell, Leonnie Chisolm, Judy Philbrook, Ezemdi Udoh, Alyssa Stoffer 19 Grant Childs 20 Richard Hall, Abby Witty, Lindsay Hudgens 21 Kenniston Carpenter 22 Inez Elliott, Rob Russell, Anna Simpson 23 Christian Davis 24 Joseph Edwards, Jr., Sam Nelson, Thomas deBros 25 Greg Francis 26 Pam Smith, Davis Childs  28 Stewart Harsant, Clara MacMillian 29 Rachel Thurnher 30 Addison Watts, Veronica Lloyd

PRAYER LIST  Frank Allison, III, anonymous, Augustine Family, Xennia Ayala, Linda Berckman, Martha Booth, Brown Family, Violet Brown, Anne and Chick Chisolm and family, Martha Clark, Judy Coggins, Dees Family, Joe Edwards, Tom Ficklin, Michael Fisher, Sarah and Mitch Godwin, Louise Hall, Hancox Family,  Steve Hardin, Tim Harris, Sandra Hawke, Hannah Hitchcock, Matthew Humphrey, Larry Jensen, Melvin Johnson, Louisa Karp, Matthew Kirec, Susanne Kohrman, John Lancaster, Sr., Joyce Lipe, Long and Taylor families, Cathy Lovato, Sean Maples, Anna Marr, Beverly McCullum, Janice McFadyen, Carl Mitchell, Anne Mizelle*, Brenda Nunnally, Elizabeth Ogden, Marie Parker*, Margaret Peterson*, Sgro Family and Friends, Becky and David South, Tom South, Jim St. Peter, Suguitan Family and Ernie Suguitan,  Surrett Family, Mary and Harold Syms*, Jimmy Teachey*, Jim Thomas, Thomas Family, Terrell Family, Tucker Family, and Katherine Whaley.    * Denotes Visitation Welcomed.

Military Prayer List:  John, Cedric, Scott, Daniel, Mike, Jon, Stephanie, Sam, Trey, Ed, Amanda, Robert, Roger, Brian, Oliver, Thomas, Nicholas, Alex, Mitch, Abigail, Patrick, Geoff, Mark, Eric, Andrew, Nick, Shayla, John, James, Tony, Shane, Matt, Alex, Kyle, Devin and all their families.

Contact the church office at 910-484-2134 or with prayer requests or fill out a prayer request form found in the narthex.



Staff and Clergy

The Rev. Jeffrey D. S. Thornberg, Rector

The Rev. Anne C. S. Thornberg, Assisting Priest for Children’s Education and Pastoral Care

The Rev. Joe Running, Assisting Priest

Dr. Jae Won Kim, Music Minister and Organist

Tara Bartal, Jeremy Fiebig, Jackson Rednour-Hallman, Vergers

Janice Luce, Parish Administrator

Jewely Schroeder, Financial Administrator

Ruth Folger Gillis, Preschool Director

Melissa Hickman, Nursery Coordinator

Tom Holt, Building Steward


Senior Warden:  Julie Lee-Jacobs

Junior Warden:  Jimmy Driscoll

Treasurer: Neil Bergman

Clerk:  Wendy Hustwit

2018:  Scott Hancox, Wendy Hustwit, Julie Lee-Jacobs, Mike Morketter

2019:  Amy Beene, Jimmy Driscoll, George Harrison, Elaine McKay

2020:   Susie Harris, John Kells, Suzanne Pinson, David Samuelson

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

1601 Raeford Road     Fayetteville North Carolina 28305


Office hours: Monday-Thursday    9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Office email:

Office phone: 910-484-2134       Pre-School: 910-484-0250