Stewardship – Grateful for God’s Garden

Friends, We all have so much to be grateful for at Holy Trinity; wonderful liturgies, music, fellowship, youth and community ministries, inspired Clergy and a unique campus where we gather in God’s name, to do God’s work. It seems all we have to do is show up
and be a part of it. But there’s more needed from each of us.

As we move through our annual budget process in October and November, your Vestry and Stewardship team ask that you prayerfully reflect on your gratitude for the amazing place that is Holy Trinity. We need everyone here to actively commit to the financial needs of growing a modern church community. It cannot continue to happen without your help. Please find a way to give graciously and in Thanksgiving for the gifts you and your family have been entrusted with and that are Growing in God’s Garden at Holy Trinity.

If you have not received a pledge brochure and card in the mail, please call the church office to request one.