Liturgy and Leaders for Advent 2C, Sunday, December 9, 2018


Worship Leaders for Sunday, December 9

Annual Meeting only 9:30 Service


9:30 am

Acolytes:  Keith St. Peter (Crucifer), Zoe St. Peter, Winston Hoffman, Addison Hudgens (Gospeller)

Director/ VOD:  Tara Bartal

Readers: Tom Holt (First Reading), Courtney Samuelson (Second Reading), Nathan Bartlett (Prayers of the People)

Eucharistic Ministers:  Tom Holt, Courtney Samuelson, Nathan Bartlett, Heather Glidden

Healer:  Rob and Carla Richardson

Ushers:  Bob Pinson, Tim Lancaster

Greeters:  Ann Morketter, Louis Feraca

Vestry:  Amy Beene, George Harrison

Altar Guild and Flowers:  Martha Clark