Liturgy and Leaders for Pentecost 14C, Sunday, September 15th, 2019


Worship Leaders for Sunday September 15, 2019


8:00 am 

Reader:  Garvin Ferguson 

Usher:    Gauge Francis


10:30 am

Acolytes:  Keith St. Peter (Crucifer) Brielle Lancaster, Zach Jacobs, Carly Reeves, (Gospeller)

Director/ VOD:  Laura Reeves

Readers: Catherine Moorman (First Reading), Julie Lee-Jacobs (Second Reading), Dudley Buck (Prayers of the People)

Eucharistic Ministers:  Catherine Moorman, Julie Lee-Jacobs, Dudley Buck, Louise Hall

Healer:  Katherine Whaley, Jane Squires

Ushers: Martha Brown, Jim Thomas

Greeters:  Matt McLean, Louis Feraca

Vestry:  Amy Beene, Suzanne Pinson

Altar Guild:  Martha Clark

Altar Flowers:  Susie Harris