New Parish Administrator

An announcement from our Associate Rector and Senior Warden:

As many of you already know our brave and fearless administrator Janice Luce planned to retire this year. As a vestry and leadership team, we discussed ways in which we might seek to find a qualified candidate to replace her during our January Vestry Retreat. After posting the job on our parish website and on Diocesan websites, we interviewed all candidates and are proud to announce that Susie Harris is by far the most qualified and capable candidate that we interviewed. We decided to hire her last week and announced the decision to the vestry late last week. Our original plan was to have Janice and Susie work together for a period of two months (April and May) so that Susie could learn the job and Janice might have more flexibility to work on long-term projects that we have not had the resources to address until now. It is unclear how the Covid-19 outbreak is going to impact our planned administrator transition, but we hope to have a clearer understanding in the days and weeks ahead. A warm round of virtual applause for our new Parish Administrator, Susie Harris!