The Thomas Family and Mayfair Outreach

The Thomas Family wants you to help our Mayfair charities. To find out how, read this letter from our Senior Warden.

Dear Fellow Parishioner:

Donations to Holy Trinity in memory of Jim Thomas and Jim and Brenda’s daughter, Alison, have totaled $5,600. As a tribute to both her husband and daughter, Brenda wishes for the donations to be used to support the church’s outreach ministries, which have been traditionally funded by our Mayfair.

As most of you know, Jim was a dedicated and faithful co-chair of Mayfair for many years until this year when his cancer and the coronavirus combined to end his life. It was decided in late February not to have Mayfair this year and other events were discussed to raise funds to support outreach. Jim was very disappointed and worried that we would not raise enough to support the charities and ministries as we had done in the past. Sadly, as a result of the pandemic, no funds have been raised.

Historically, Mayfair raises approximately $10,000 to support our Outreach Ministry. Last year, funds from Mayfair supported the Child Advocacy Center, our food pantry, Margaret Willis Elementary School, Organizing Against Racism, Fayetteville Urban Ministry, Special Olympics, Fayetteville Friendship House, Daughters of the King, Episcopal Relief and Development, and the Episcopal Farmworkers Ministry. Most likely, these organizations and others need our help even more as a result of the pandemic.

At the July meeting, the Vestry voted to use the monies given in memory of both Jim and Alison Thomas to begin a 2020 Outreach Fund. We are asking each of you to consider donating to the fund whatever amount you might have spent on Mayfair this year but did not. For example, if you and your family usually spend about $25.00 on items, food and raffle tickets, then please consider making a donation in that or any other amount. You may write a check or donate online through the church’s website. Please be sure to note on the online form or your check that the donation is for the Outreach Fund.

Thank you for considering this proposal to fund our Outreach during this pandemic in honor of a man and his family whose generosity to Holy Trinity and its ministries continues to inspire us.


Suzanne Pinson
Senior Warden