An Update from Our Vestry

The vestry has been busy!  Here’s a letter from our Senior Warden to tell us all about it.


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Although we have not all been able to be together for many months now, your Vestry has been working hard to be good stewards of our beloved Parish. Our Outreach Fund, which was funded this year from donations that many of you made, enabled Holy Trinity to make grants to the following:

Fayetteville Urban Ministry                  $1,500
American Red Cross                             1,500
Child Advocacy Center                          1,500
Holy Trinity Food Pantry                        1,000
Episcopal Relief and Development        1,000
Episcopal Farm Worker Ministry            1,000
Connections of Cumberland County         800
Daughters of the King                               700
Holy Trinity Fine Arts                              1,000

Our pledged income as of the end of September was at 79% of the Pledged amount with Non-Pledged Contributions at 58% and Plate Offering at 52%. This reduction reflects our not being able to meet in-person. Fortunately, we have saved a good deal in utilities during the period the church was not opened for indoor services and this has helped to off-set the drop in donations. Additionally, we are awaiting final approval from the diocese to take advantage of lower interest rates and refinance our building loan of $497,199.

In the past few months, we have moved all the staff and the Food Pantry into the main building and have begun distributing food from the front parlor door. We have also been trying to catch up on some neglected maintenance of the buildings. Our Junior Warden, John Kells has worked tirelessly to arrange the needed work.

We are so thankful for Nan’s presence as we move into this period of safely re-opening the church. As we work with Nan, I want to assure you that the Vestry is striving to make sound financial decisions for the parish in these uncertain times.

Thank you for all your continued support!


Suzanne Pinson
Senior Warden