New Sanctuary Limits

The Diocese has recently increased church attendance limits in accord with Gov. Cooper’s directives.  Read an announcement from Mtr. Nan.

A Letter from Mtr. Nan Regarding New Church Attendance Guidelines

October 26, 2020

Dearest Ones,

A few weeks ago Bishop Skirving invited churches throughout the diocese to increase their attendances limits in accord with the recent decisions from Governor Roy Cooper. The increased numbers are 30% of full capacity based on local fire department criteria or 100 people, which ever is less.  For Holy Trinity, 100 is the lesser of the two numbers.  We did not act on this immediately due to the desire to move slowly and with great care.  Over the coarse of the last few weeks, we have been able to set chairs in the Sanctuary (Nave) in a format that ensures a minimum of 6 feet between households or families; we have also invested in stationary hand sanitizing stations located by each entrance, including the transepts; and finally, we have invested in an electro-magnetic aerosol cleaner to clean all hard surfaces after each liturgy.  Because science believes COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through aerosol particles, we confirmed that the church air handlers surpassed the recommended air circulation codes prior to opening for indoor worship in September, but we will continue to leave all exterior doors open while we gather for additional fresh air circulation.
With all these measures and precautions in place, the vestry and I feel we can safely increase our numbers, so that reservations will no longer be necessary.  If you are more comfortable not entering the Sanctuary (Nave), we have added a limited number of seats in the narthex and have increased the sound volume in that area.  We, of course, will continue to offer weekly online worship options via Facebook and YouTube, and the Wednesday Noon Eucharist for the unforeseeable future.

As before, please consult with your medical team before making the decision to return to Sunday worship.  Your thoughts and feedback are important to me and your vestry, so please reach out at 910-484-2134 or at God grant you health of body and serenity of heart,

The Rev. Nancee A. Cekuta