Give a Gift For Life This Christmas

It’s time to think Christmas gifts, and Nancy Broadwell invites us to consider giving in some unique and meaningful ways.  How about giving clean water to a family who desperately needs it?

A Message from Nancy Broadwell on Behalf of Episcopal Relief and Development:

Some of us have reached the stage of life when we don’t need or want more “stuff “. Episcopal Relief and Development has a solution for those people in your life called Gifts for Life. The catalog can be accessed online at

Opportunities range from mosquito nets to pigs, chickens or financial aid to start a business to providing a well for a village. Gift cards can be e-cards or sent to you to give to those you honor in this way.

In this year when gathering to share gifts and celebrate together with friends and family may not happen and the needs of people everywhere are great we can honor our friends and family by giving gifts that help others survive and become more self supporting.  I urge you to visit the catalog and pick a Gift for Life.