Liturgical Ministries

Lay readers, chalice bearers, and Eucharistic visitors all play important roles in the Eucharist service. Acolytes, ranging from 5th graders to adults, assist the priest during the service. Our Altar Guild is invaluable in preparing the altar for both Sunday and weekday Eucharist worship. The Altar Guild is the keeper of our holy vessels, fair linens, and other objects used in worship. Another group arranges flowers to beautify the church building on Sundays.

Some parishioners design seasonal hangings for the decorative ring that hangs above the altar. A dedicated group of bakers prepares bread for some services and wheat wafers for others. Ushers and greeters help welcome newcomers, distribute bulletins, and assist those who need it in finding a seat or in receiving the sacrament.

We are always looking for new faces in all these ministries. Yours will be welcome.