———-Vestry Charge

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

2019-2020 Search Committee

Charge from the Vestry

With God’s help, Christ with us, and empowered by the Holy Spirit…
The Vestry of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, charges the Search Committee with the following:

  1. Prayerfully and purposely conduct a process of discernment, in consultation with the Office of the Bishop of East Carolina, to articulate the vision and ministry of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, and search for an individual to present to the Vestry for possible election as Rector. In doing so, serve as ambassadors of our parish that we may be clearly and accurately presented to candidates.
  2. Select or write a collect for use by all members of the congregation and for regular use in worship during the time of searching.
  3. Develop a budget for travel and other expenses of the Search committee to be approved by the Vestry.
  4. Provide the Vestry with regular reports and keep the congregation informed regarding the search process.
  5. With Holy Trinity’s parishioners describe the current life of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church; articulate a description for those who might consider candidacy as Rector that reflects the ministry (using tools like those provided by the Diocesan Office of Transition Ministry) and vision of this parish. The Vestry expects to review and approve this Profile before it is made available for Rector candidates.
  6. Discern the characteristics and gifts required in a priest to partner with us in the leadership of this community, enabling Holy Trinity’s motto to be accomplished.
  7. Interview and communicate with candidates who demonstrate capacity to equip us for our ministries. Keep total confidentiality regarding all aspects and identities of the candidates.
  8. Arrange for candidate visits to Holy Trinity and, optionally as appropriate, committee member visits to final candidates.
  9. Work with the Office of the Bishop of East Carolina to complete formal background checks and due diligence on finalists. The Vestry will not expect specific information identifying candidates until the final candidate is presented.
  10. Having elected to adopt the Diocesan targeted search process, the Vestry charges the Search Committee to develop a timeline to track progress and goals for the completion of the search process.