———-Profile Focus Group Questions

To Our Holy Trinity Family:

Below are the questions asked during our three parish profile focus group sessions.  Though the profile is written, we invite those who were unable to attend the sessions to answer these four questions and (1) turn your answers in to the parish office or (2) give your answers to any member of the committee or (3) email your answers to the committee chair at gharrison@nc.rr.com.  Your comments can still be valuable as we continue our search.

Thank you.

–The Holy Trinity Search Committee

            Susie Harris, George Harrison, Harry Horrocks, J. R. Hustwit, Julie Lee-Jacobs, Dan Middleton, Sarah Moorman, Dane Reid, Laura Reeves,      Johanna Thoma.



  1. Remember a moment that was a high point, when you felt our church was doing God’s work and fulfilling its mission. What was happening?


  1. Name the 3 things you value most about this congregation.


  1. Look back over your entire life. Recall a time when you most appreciated the ministry of a priest. What was happening? What did you appreciate?


  1. What will be our congregation’s 3 most exciting, energizing and important accomplishments to you over the next 3 years?