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“Communion of Saints” by Elise Ritter

Our ‘Advent Reflections’ piece brought light, love and connection to our community. Because so many of you felt that it was meaningful in your lives, we have decided to start doing more of them. While they may not all be spiritual in nature, our hope is that they continue to be an opportunity for learning and connection. The next series is a three part offering about ‘Diocesan Ministry.’

But what exactly is ‘Diocesan Ministry?’ As a member of the Episcopal church we are connected to other churches in our community, in our region, in the nation, and in the world.  The Episcopal Church is governed by a General Convention and consists of more than 100 dioceses across the world. Each diocese includes all the congregations (or Episcopal churches) within its geographical borders and each is led by a bishop. Holy Trinity is a part of the Diocese of East Carolina and led by Bishop Rob Skirving. Our Diocese has ministries just like our parish. They range from being a part of the convention where we make decisions about our collective life to youth ministry where youth from across the region get together to journey through life and faith together.  There are many different ways to share in the life of our church beyond our Holy Trinity family.

I have asked three members of our community to reflect upon why they choose or chose to be involved in Diocesan Ministry, what brings them joy and how it calls them into deeper connection with God and community. I have also asked them to reflect a bit about why some of you may want to follow the call to become a part of this ministry.  As you share in these stories, I also ask you to reflect a bit about whether and how you may want to follow the call to become a part of this ministry.

I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have.