Our Vestry

The vestry is the governing body of the church.  It comprises 12 members who rotate on three-year terms with four members departing and four new members elected each year at the annual meeting.  The senior warden presides over the vestry and the junior warden assists the senior warden and rector with some of the day-to-day operations of the parish, particularly groundskeeping and building maintenance.

Vestry (l-r):  Dane Reid, Brad Loase, Suzanne Pinson, Amy St. Peter, Josh Busman, Beth Early, Susie Harris, David Samuelson, Hallie Bartlett, Dan Middleton, Charles Koonce, & John Kells.               


Members serving through 2020:

Suzanne Pinson, Sr. Warden

John Kells, Jr. Warden

Susie Harris

David Samuelson

Members serving through 2021:

Brad Loase

Dan Middleton

Amy St. Peter

Dane Reid

Members serving through 2022:

Hallie Bartlett

Joshua Busman

Beth Early

Charles Koonce